As a real estate professional, referrals are golden — they are the key to new opportunities and are essential to a thriving business. Boosting referrals can make or break your real estate practice which is why we advocate the following tips:

Exceed Client Expectations

Doing a good job isn’t enough anymore. You need to do a GREAT job in selling your properties, and in doing so, answer your clients’ needs to get the best price for their home or to sell it quickly (or both). The idea, of course, is to make homeowners so happy they decide to refer you to their friends or even return to you with other properties that could use your special touch.

Offer Home Staging as a Service

Part and parcel of selling your properties quickly is staging the home so that it helps potential homebuyers to imagine themselves as residents. By presenting a property in its best light you are actually making it more appealing and helping it stand out from the crowd. In fact, a survey by the American Home Staging Professionals states that 95% of staged homes sell on average in 23 days or less while non-staged homes sell on average in 130 days. And if home staging is not an area of expertise to you, then hire experts that you can partner with — such as Encore Staging Services.

Impress the Neighbors

This can’t be stressed strongly enough: neighbors will inevitably stop by an open house event and may present you with a business opportunity. If you’ve staged the home well enough to impress them, then this is your chance to get their information and ask them if they’re thinking of selling as well.

Ask for the Referrals

Just remember: referrals won’t always come of themselves. Ask for the referral nicely. And don’t ask BEFORE you’ve closed the deal, do it after closing a successful sale. Of course, reward those clients who have given your name to their networks so they have all the more incentive to keep recommending you.