When you’ve decided to sell your home and move into a new one, there’s a lot to think about. As you prepare yourself by packing your things and sorting your belongings, you may want to consider having your home staged. This particular service is on the rise these days, and it’s becoming more expected in the real estate market rather than simply an accepted practice.

The real estate market is always shifting, and recently, home staging services are becoming more and more popular. If you’re planning to sell your home, hiring a professional home stager is worth considering, especially if you learn about all the benefits of doing so. According to research, staged homes tend to sell faster and at a higher price. But don’t take our word for it, read on to learn more about this service, the benefits, and more.

The Rise Of Home Staging Services

Over the past few years, home staging services have undergone a lot of changes and the art of this profession has reached new heights. As the real estate market is becoming more competitive, there is a higher demand for listing properties which are already “buyer-ready.” Nowadays, preparing your home for the real estate market means more than just cleaning up and re-arranging furniture. Because of its popularity, home staging has already become the norm. Professional home stagers now place great importance on viewing the properties they stage through the eyes of the buyers.

Think of home staging as an investment. And as with any other investment, you should be very cautious about hiring a home stager. Try to avoid listening to everything you hear about home staging, especially if the opinions come from those who have no idea about the benefits of home staging because they don’t believe in it. Experienced home staging professionals will be able to provide you with helpful suggestions. The best ones can even provide you with other helpful information such as statistics or how home staging can help with your ROI. As home staging services are rising, it’s the perfect time to learn more about it and how it can help you out when you’re planning to place your home on the market.

Why Home Staging Is Highly Beneficial

Home staging is a beneficial tool you can use when you’re planning to sell your home. This is an excellent solution, especially for those who are too busy to prepare their homes for the real estate market or for those who don’t know how to go about the preparations. For the past few years, home staging services have been on the rise and for a good reason. Professionals work alongside their clients to make the property more appealing to the buyers. If you’re still on the fence about home staging, here are some reasons why you can benefit a lot from this service:

  • It can help you sell your home faster

The longer a home stays on the market, the more its price would drop. But according to studies, staged homes spend more than 70% less time on the real estate market. When you’re planning to sell your home, you’d like to do so in a short amount of time and for a good price. To do this, you may want to have it staged first as this might help you reach your goal faster. Professional home stagers will spruce up the exterior and interior of your property until they deem it ready for the market.

  • Unlike you, professional home stagers are objective

When sellers try to prepare their homes for the market, they have a difficult time being objective. Who can blame them? They’ve lived in the home for a significant amount of time, and they’ve made memories there. But for home stagers, they can easily remain objective while staging the home. This is because they see it as a property which needs to be sold instead of a home with a lot of emotional baggage.

  • Home staging allows the potential buyers to visualize themselves in your home

One of the biggest tasks of home stagers is to find the right balance of space and decor so the potential buyers can visualize themselves living in the home when they take a tour of it. When a buyer steps into your home, he should be able to see himself living in it for him to make an emotional connection. This, in turn, increases the chances of the buyer becoming interested in purchasing your property. One of the most common ways professionals does this is by using neutral colors and decor as this appeals to the masses. Rather than having a cluttered space, you should showcase the property itself by highlighting its features and not your personal belongings.

  • When you hire a professional home stager, you don’t have to worry about the preparation

One of the best reasons you should hire a professional home stager is, so you don’t have to worry about preparing your home for viewing. If your home has been staged by professionals, you can focus on more important things such as packing up your stuff for the move or looking for your new accommodations. Home stagers will work with you to make your home attractive to buyers, but they will do most of the hard work. As long as you agree with all of their plans, you can sit back, relax, and watch the magic happen.

  • You may be able to sell your home at a higher price after you’ve had it staged

Studies have shown that homes which have been staged get sold more than 5% above the original asking price compared to the homes which haven’t been staged. Also, they spend less time on the market, which is another plus. Home staging can be an excellent investment which may yield up to a 10% return. Anyone would tell you that this is a great deal in itself. So you can look as home staging as an investment which, in the long run, would allow you to make more money.

  • Not having to worry about staging your home gives you time to get started on your packing

If you’re planning to sell your home, packing up your stuff and sorting which ones to keep and which ones to get rid off are inevitable. If professionals take care of the staging for you, then you can start with your sorting and packing tasks. You would have the time to do these tasks without having to worry about whether your home is prepared for viewing or not.

Some Statistics Which Show How Home Staging Is Beneficial In Silicon Valley

Today, home staging is an essential part of preparing your home for the real estate market. Some even consider it one of the most important things you can do for your home to sell it faster and at a better price. The main reason why home staging works so well is that it creates a great first impression for potential buyers. This is a critical aspect of selling a home as it guarantees that the buyers will have that “wow factor” as soon as they step into your home.

According to the statistics in this area, more than 90% of homes which have been staged, on average, sell in about a month or less. And most of the time, they sell at a higher price. This is because around 85% – 90% of potential buyers aren’t able to see the true potential of the homes they view. But if you have your home staged, you’re taking a step in making your home appealing to the buyers, allowing them to visualize themselves in your home and encouraging them to become more attached to the property emotionally.

In the past few years, the real estate market in Silicon Valley remains above 100%. More and more homes are being sold in the area, and it’s taking an average of 1 month to sell a home. According to real estate agents who represent buyers, their clients have a better chance of offering a high opening bid on homes which have been staged over similar homes which are either empty or haven’t been properly staged. The reason for this is that more than 80% of the potential buyers claim that when they view a staged home, they find it easier to visualize themselves living in that home and owning the property. More than 40% of the potential buyers have also revealed that home staging has a significant impact on how they perceive a specific home. They feel more positive about the home, and some even feel like the homeowner has the same taste in furnishing and decorations as them.

The good news is that there are several ways for you to stage a home. More often than not, professionals use a combination of the accessories and furnishings you own and some pieces taken from their inventory. In some cases, professionals need to stage the whole home to prepare it for the real estate market. This is especially true those who own furnishings which aren’t aligned with the expectations of the buyers or with the current trends.

Whether you’re from Silicon Valley or another neighborhood, staging can be very beneficial for you. Professional stagers have studied their craft well, and so they have a good grasp of what buyers want and how they will prepare your home to give those buyers exactly what they’re looking for. Just think of staging as one of the costs that come with selling a home. It’s an important part of the preparation process to make your home ready for the market even before you’ve listed it.

Final Words

The real estate market is ever-shifting, and because of this, a lot of people find that selling their home can be very challenging. The good news is that you can hire the services of a professional home stager to help you out. Studies and statistics have shown that this particular service is rising and it’s highly beneficial for anyone who plans to list their home on the real estate market. Now all you have to do is find the best professional home stager who can help you make your home one of the most appealing properties available for sale.