With the current housing market, there will always be competition. The supply of properties far outweighs the demand, causing a lot of anxiety for homeowners who want to sell their properties. But there is one thing you can do about it. The one proven method that makes your property stand out from the crowd is home staging.

According to a survey by the American Home Staging Professionals and StagedHome.com, 95% of staged homes sell on average in 23 days or less compared to non-staged homes that sell on an average of 130 days.

Quite simply, home staging is presenting a property in its most marketable light. It involves cleaning, repairing, de-cluttering, rearranging, and redecorating so that buyers see their dream home instead of its current, lived-in state. It helps maximize the property’s potential so that it sells quickly and at a better price.

Step 1: Hire a Home Staging Expert Hire a professional home staging expert who can prepare a comprehensive plan for decorating the house to be sold. Your home stager can recommend what needs to be done and then break the tasks down into smaller more manageable phases. The reason you want to work with a home stager is that he or she brings a new perspective to the property, seeing it as a buyer would. Ask every home staging candidate for a portfolio of properties they’ve helped sell and decide if they have the design expertise and actual experience to be beneficial to your home.

Step 2: Prepare the Home This is where you or your home staging experts get down to brass tacks and clean all the important areas, de-clutter the rooms, rearrange furniture and bring in the proper furniture. Preparing the home for an open house event is not always easy because it involves a wide variety of actions (see our blog for a lot more actual staging tips) — all of which your home stager should outline in the plan. But the benefit of selling your home quickly and at top dollar should make the effort more than worth it.

Stage 3: Take High-Quality PhotosOnce the redecoration is over, the most important next step is to get the best photos possible. In this wired world, 90% of homebuyers decide which homes to visit based on the photos they see on the Internet, making it an absolute priority to photograph the property in its staged appearance. Have the proper lighting, get the best angles, and use the best camera available. If you’re limited to a phone camera, then make sure photos are taken at the highest resolution and are free from blur and coloration due to lighting. In the end, professional home staging helps sell your property faster than the competition because it showcases homes in their best light. And your home stager brings a big part of that to your home via his or her design skills, experience and expertise.